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Long is the way as time fights against

Deaf Whale makes rock and roll. A little metal, a little progressive, a little punk, but rock. That´s how it has been since 2013, when the band is formed in Madrid, and they so prove in 2015 with their first album, ´From Wood and Stone´.

Their influences come from 60/70´s classics like Queen, The Doors or Black Sabbath and modern bands like Queens of the Stone Age or Mastodon, but they go further. Labels can be useful, but they also enjoy being an obstacle. Their music tries not to shelter in a single sound and expands through different genres and styles. It is intense, hard and loud, but at the same time it doesn´t shy away from exploring quitter and more melodic ideas, where every listen reveals a new undiscovered detail.

Two years is a long time, but Deaf Whale makes good use of it. In that period, they have toured to perform ‘From Wood and Stone’ and, in 2017, to start working on what will be their second album. The band´s studio, which witnessed the birth of their first LP, is also where they are working in its follow-up.

New members, new songs and a new approach for a maybe darker, tighter album, with a bigger feeling of unity, without losing the diversity that´s now one of the keys of the band´s sound.

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